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Residential and Commercial Pool Heating

See how quick, affordable and virtually maintenance-free Solar Pool Heating can be!  With an extremely short payback period, you will have years and years of year-round use of your pool with FREE, infinite energy from the sun!.


Residential and Commercial Hot Water Systems

Take advantage of living in this Solar rich part of the World!  Heat the water you need for your Domestic use in your Home, Hotel, Condo, or Casita with FREE energy from the sun!  We can provide 80%-100% of your consumable fuel needs used to heat water!!


Commercial, Industrial, Governmental and Educational

Solar can save you Larger consumers Huge amounts of money!  We can provide, on average, 80%-- even up to 100% of your Hot Water needs!  Enjoy a generous, 1-time, first year, 100% tax depreciation for the entire amount of the system!!!  


Photovoltaic (PV) and Wind -- Production of Electricity!

Click here to see how PV and Wind can be used to produce electricity that will save you bundles on your Electric bill!  Residential and Commercial users can eliminate the top tier charges on your bill...up to 100% of your usage.  You'll be amazed at the fast ROI and the fantastic rate of return received on your investment!

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The energy produced by the sun in 22 days = all of the Earth's known fossil fuel deposits!

    Mazatlan is in one of the best areas of the World (as you can probably imagine) for the use of Solar Energy!  Some of the highest amounts of Solar radiation hitting the Earth happens right here!  This makes Solar energy in Northwest Mexico very efficient and financially beneficial.  These levels of available Solar radiation, coupled with the most efficient panels and highest quality components on the market, enables us to design very effective Solar Systems.   As a consumer living in this area, you automatically get "More bang for your buck (Peso)!" It takes fewer panels to produce the same amount of energy as it would in an area with less available Solar radiation...reducing the cost of the overall system, in turn increasing your rate of return and the percentage rate you would be earning on your investment.
Mazatlan Solar is the Full-Service Solar provider for Northwestern Mexico and beyond. We provide Design, Installation, and Service for Photovoltaic (PV) and Wind for Electricity generating for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial use, up to Large Scale PV, Solar Thermal and Wind farms for Municipal use, and Solar Thermal (production of Hot Water) with ALL of its varied uses including: Residential and Commercial Heating of swimming pool water, Residential and Commercial Domestic Hot Water needs, Commercial and Industrial Processing, Governmental, Educational, and Agricultural Hot water needs.  We have everything from Solar Ovens to Solar Thermal Desalinization Plants to Large Scale Solar Farms.
Our full line of Solar products allows us to 'Custom Fit' the perfect system for you; a system with the right balance between your needs and your budget!  Once again, we use only the best equipment, designed for many, many years of trouble-free use.  We have what we believe to be the best Design and Engineering team around, a professional, well trained installation and service crew combined with a great sales/office team gives us a well rounded, full-service group offering our customers Integrity, Choice, Quality, and Assurance!
Contact us for a free consultation with a Solar Professional! Let us show you how we can help you take a BIG step in your personal responsibility towards our Energy future and save BIG money while doing it!!  It's easier and less expensive than you may think! We will provide you with a complete proposal with cost breakdown including a Financial Analysis of your expected payback period and what percentage rate you would be earning on your investment. Take advantage of the perfect Solar climate we live in while doing something very beneficial for our environment and future generations' environment!!  We believe you will be surprised at how inexpensive, and efficient these systems are!  Very fast ROI!
     The Oil catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico is just one more reminder, on a list of daily reminders, of the need to find and use alternative methods of providing the energy we need.  We believe Solar is a vital part of the energy mix required to accomplish this!