Why should I buy an Ecosun Solar Pool Heater?
The Ecosun Hybrid is the latest state-of-the-art in solar pool heating design developed from over 30 years of experience. Ecosun has one of the highest BTU ratings of any solar collector in the world. The Ecosun System uses superior components including stainless steel hardware. Ecosun is manufactured to exacting specifications by the industry leader, Aquatherm industries, in the most modern facility of its kind. Backed by uncompromising quality control, Ecosun collectors carry the strongest warranty in the industry.

How qualified are Ecosun Dealers?
Authorized Ecosun Dealers have earned a reputation for their skill and dependability. They are thoroughly trained craftsman and familiar with every detail of installation and service, and provide added assurance of continued satisfaction. Aquatherm Industries has Ecosun Dealers and distributors throughout the world.

Why heat my pool?
You have a significant amount of money invested in your pool, and every month you invest more in the way of chemicals, maintenance and electricity for the filter pump. But, unless you are heating your pool, you’re not realizing the full benefit of pool ownership or maximizing your investment.
You bought your pool for reasons like family fun, entertaining, exercise or just those quiet relaxing moments floating around. By heating your pool, you will spend more time enjoying it.

What type of heater?
Propane and natural gas heaters – normally have the lowest cost of installation but the highest cost of operation. Gas heaters require annual inspections and service and have a useful life of 7-10 years. Heat pumps – work on the same principle as air conditioners using electric motors, a compressor and refrigerant. The initial cost of installation is more than that of a gas heater, but the cost of operation is 30% to 60% less than that of a gas heater. Heat pumps require annual service and have a life expectancy of 8-12 years.
Solar pool heating – generally the installation cost is comparable to that of a heat pump. Since  solar system uses the sun’s free energy, there is no cost of operation. A properly installed quality solar pool heating system requires no annual service or inspections and will provide FREE solar heat for 15-20 years or more.

What if I already have a gas heater or a heat pump?
Your Ecosun system will work alongside your existing fossil fuel heater. It uses solar as the main source of heat and a gas heater or a heat pump as a backup heater. With a ‘hybrid’ pool heating system, you will have the best of both worlds.

How well will solar energy heat my pool?
Solar energy is just another form of fuel used to heat your pool. A properly sized pool heating system can more than double your swim season. Using solar energy to heat pools is not a new idea. Hundreds of thousands of pool owners have been enjoying their own solar heated pools over the last thirty years.

In simple terms, how does a solar heater work?
A solar heating system uses your existing filter pump to circulate the water. A diverter valve is installed just down stream of the filter. It diverts the water so that it flows through the many small passages of the solar collector where it is warmed by the sun. This warm water then flows back to the pool until the pool has reached the desired comfort level. The water then bypasses the solar collectors and returns directly to the pool.

Is a solar pool heating system simple to operate?
Yes!Most systems are completely automatic and are as easy to operate as any fossil fuel heater, as well as compatible with the latest in pool automation technology.

Do the solar collectors have to face south and be mounted on my roof?
Not necessarily. Though Ecosun collectors are generally roof mounted, they should be installed where they can be in the sun a good portion of the day. Depending on the angle of the mounting surface, east and west facing systems can function equally as well.

What about the environment?
Gas heaters directly add pollutants into the air. Heat pumps pollute indirectly as a result of pollution created in the production of the electricity used. Solar pool heating is environmentally friendly. Solar is a ‘green’, renewable energy source that burns no fossil fuels and uses no chemical refrigerants-which are harmful to the environment.

What about a bubble type ‘solar’ blanket?
A blanket does just what it sounds like it does. It helps to keep heat in – not heat a pool. When combined with an Ecosun Solar Heater, the regular use of a blanket can hasten the spring warm up and help avoid the fall cool down.

What size system will I need to heat my pool?
There are many factors which affect this answer-the three most important factors are the size of your pool, the tilt and orientation of the solar collectors and the efficiency of the solar collector you choose. Other criteria include how long you want to extend your swimming season, the wind on the pool and the average relative humidity in your area. Your authorized Ecosun dealer will use the above factors when designing the proper solar collector system for your pool.


What are the savings with this system?
The AXOL ap is guaranteed to save at least 70% of the annual gas consumption.

How is it installed?
It is a stand alone unit and is connected in series with your water heater.

What is the capacity?
150 Liters. If you use more water and your boiler is larger than 38 liters, it is necessary to install other AXOL ap in series or parallel, depending on your specific needs. (We also have a 240 ltr. System).

What are the components?
They consist of a solar collector, a thermal tank with base, a written guarantee, accessories, and the installation, operation and maintenance manual.

Is it true the boiler will not start?
Depending on the sun, your AXOL ap will provide you with temperatures similar to that of a water heater. It also depends on what your heater is set for, Warm or Hot.

What happens on cloudy days?
You have the amount of water stored in the tank to use. Then your water heater will heat the water the rest of the way when water is only warm.

What is the cost to bathe?
It depends on if your family sings a few songs in the shower, but it is typical to need between 50 and 60 liters of hot water per person per day.

If you need more hot water?
We can install other AXOL units together, or you would use your hot water heater, diminishing savings.