testimonial 1

I recently renovated a home in the Centro Historico.  In December I realized that, unheated, the water in the swimming pool at my home was too frigid for me.   A Mazatlan friend told me that heating my pool with propane would be quite expensive and suggested that I contact Tom Anderson at Mazatlan Solar.  I did, and Tom came by the next day and described to me a new solar heating panel system that was simple, could be installed on my roof, and heat my pool with the rays of the sun.  Tom gave me an estimate for the cost of the system and installation..  It seemed pretty reasonable to me and I agreed.  Tom and his crew came by on the agreed upon day and installed the system in the time and at the price promised.  I have been very pleased with the system.  As long as the sun is shining (which is most of the time in Mazatlan) the system brings the temperature up to a comfortable level (about 78-80 degrees) at $0 COST FOR FUEL.  It is a low maintenance system and comes with a 10-year warranty.  Tom is experienced, knowledgable about solar and very professional.  I was very pleased with the service and product that Tom provided me and would recommend him to anyone who is interested in solar heating.

Happy Customer

To have consistent hot water, I installed a solar panel and storage tank on the rooftop of my casa.  I am most pleased with the complete experience from getting a cost estimate through to the installation.  Overall, the job was completed within a week and now there is an ample amount of hot water with a steady flow.
The supplier I used was Mazatlan Solar, a business owned and managed by Tom Anderson.  The options for positioning the solar panel, insulated tank and routing of the tubing was discussed with the installer and the best one was selected.  Communication was not a problem.  I was most pleased to find the tubing used was an "insulated" pvc-type which has no street value, eliminating the copper tubing theft concern while maintaining the water temperature outside the tank.  The full job was handled in a knowledgeable and professional manner.